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Mission is to
raise awareness,

expand consciousness,  
     inspire creation.



BoujeeWook was a concept.

Someone who is somewhat "boujee," somewhat "hippie." 

House by the sun, bass by the moon.

Camps but needs to shower...

You know, balance. 

We started this lifestyle brand with the simple idea of making t-shirts & tank tops to wear at festivals. We hoped to spread "pawsitive" vibes on Caturdays and help keep PLUR alive. 

Then 2020 happened.

During this sudden halt in large gatherings, our idea became a brand and our brand became a business. Through a connected sense of awareness BoujeeWook alchemized into a conduit for like minded individuals to connect and creatively express themselves.

Our mission is to raise awareness, expand consciousness, and inspire creation.

We thank you all so much for your overwhelming support in this journey. Because of you and our outstanding community, the BoujeeWook® brand has evolved into so much more than we could have ever even imagined!

In addition to our clothing and lifestyle brand, we also implemented organizing unique, intimate, culture based gatherings and events into our business model. BoujeeWook is a way of life, a world of it's own created for humans to experience magic through music, art, and community.


We also offer a variety of services for event production and logistics including lighting, sound, visuals, event staffing, silent disco, DJ/VJ services and equipment rentals. 

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