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Our brand wouldn't exist without the community behind it.

Inspired by festival culture, we aspire to cultivate a network of conscious ravers and creators from all walks of life. 

Welcome to BoujeeWook® World

You could call this the online wook book. 


Parallel Lines

Join the community!

Create a BoujeeWook.World social profile & get connected! Chat with other members, create discussion posts, join groups, and be the first to know about BW gatherings & events!!


Braided Girl and Graffiti

Interested in participating in one of our events?

Want to collaborate on music?

Have designs you would like to see featured on a BoujeeWook® product? 

Please send us a message here 

We would love to hear from you! 


We are always looking for talent and staff such as: vendors, live artists, yoga/meditation instructors, art installations, event crew members, artists, graphic designers, DJs/producers, models, atmosphere models, brand ambassadors, photographers/videographers, etc.


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